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Decking Cleaning Kent

Pavesmart cleaning has many requests through the year for cleaning slippery, algae infested and generally dirty decking.

The newly installed decking looks fantastic but after it has weathered through the autumn and winter the surface soon deteriorates. With the large choice of timbers available to build your decked area careful consideration needs to be given when looking to have the surface cleaned and restored.

Our expertise in cleaning timber surfaces including wooden furniture will ensure that your decking is cleaned and oiled with the utmost care.

The timbers when damp can become extremely slippery as the build-up of green growth makes the surface dangerous to walk on. We will if required pre-apply a fungicidal wash to ensure the spores are fully eradicated prior to undertaking a full pressure wash top the surface.

Our professional pressure washing equipment with its variable pressure cleaning capabilities will allow us to use our rotary headed cleaner without the risk of scoring or damaging the surface if a high pressure lance only clean is utilised.

Wooden furniture can also be cleaned with the use of a proprietary timber cleaning chemical and a low pressure wash will remove all dirt and restore the lustre of the timber.
After the surface has been given time to dry then we recommend the application of Liberon decking oil that will keep the decking in pristine condition and protect from the drying out process during the warmer summer months. We do recommend the oiling is carried out twice yearly to ensure the utmost protection.

We are pleased to carry out both residential and commercial deck cleaning so if you have a decked area that is publicly accessible then alleviate the risk of any mishaps and health and safety issues arising from a poorly maintained deck. We can provide a FREE quotation for any deck cleaning and oiling required throughout Kent to pubs, clubs, garden centre cafés as well as private homes.

If you would like a FREE site survey and no obligation quotation to pressure wash your decking anywhere in Kent then please call us now on 07815 438392. Our pressure washing and exterior cleaning services cover Canterbury, Ashford, Dover, Ramsgate, Whitstable and Herne Bay.